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Christmas 2021: Wine Pairings

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

"However you may celebrate your holiday traditions and whatever circumstances you are navigating, these wines will add to the magic of Christmas time"

Christmas Day 2021 will bring a range of different experiences and emotions to our many customers. Some have shared anticipation of great joy with renewed family reunions rendered impossible by last year’s social distancing restrictions. Others have shared an element of sorrow driven by continued Covid-19 separations. For almost all, however, significant short-term uncertainty is tempered by a sense of hope for 2022. Our elves at Cellar Magnifique have been working hard to help you make the most of your Christmas, whatever the festive season brings to you. We have collectively pulled together the following ideas for wine pairings.

As this difficult year is coming to an end and this festive period fast approaching, perhaps we should salute our resilience instead of solely lamenting setbacks. Therefore, what better way to start your Christmas day than with some bubbles? How about a beautiful award-winning Alfred Gratien Champagne? This champagne house has been the Wine Society’s favourite for over a century, and the Brut NV promises sweet pastry and biscuit notes, with a hint of orchard fruits. Or, whilst listening to the Queen’s address, the Blackdown Ridge Estate’s Primordia English Sparkling Wine is highly recommended. Made in the beautiful hills of Sussex, its light brioche tasting notes are complemented by an apricot aroma. A lovely way to start the holidays.

For those who are lucky enough to enjoy a roast dinner, legendary wine pairings are a must. Domaine Thibert’s Bois de la Croix 2018 Chardonnay showcases the terroir of Macon-Fuisse in the Burgundy region. A choice for customers who dislike the heavy oak of some less refined New World options, it is also perfect for the Christmas meal. Its light, more fruity, tasting notes pair well with any white meat. While drinking this white Burgundy, it may be a good time to start decanting Rocche Costamagna’s 2016 Barolo. This full-bodied fruity red wine will be a definite main attraction and impress everyone. If you want an alternative, perhaps consider Domaine Albert Belle’s Crozes Hermitages Les Pierrelles. A showcase for the old-world Syrah grape (known as “Shiraz” in the new world), it has black fruit notes and hints of spice, and leaves a wonderful dry finish.

To finish on a high note, and indulge the festive sweet tooth, Tokaji 5 Puttonyos Aszu is a perfect match. Its fruity notes of honey and apricot work well with Christmas pudding and mince pies. Its fruitiness is also a perfect pairing for a cheese course, particularly complementing a strong blue cheese! Louis XIV called Aszu “The King of Wines and the Wine of Kings”. It represents the perfect combination of geography and custom: its grapes are botrytized due to the region’s special humid microclimate and then individually hand-picked by the Beres family and colleagues from the Erdőbénye village.

However you may celebrate your holiday traditions and whatever circumstances you are navigating, these wines will add to the magic of Christmas time. With 50% off our bar price for take away and socially distanced delivery (within the Woking area), perhaps even Santa will stop by.

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