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Wine for Thought

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The Cellar Magnifique team has more passion for, and hopefully knowledge of, wine than could fill one of our very own fishbowl Burgundy glasses. We are therefore delighted to launch our new blog to share some of these thoughts with you over the coming months.

We hope this will become an eclectic mix of content. We have many barrels of new and exciting wines to introduce that we are excited to share. We will bring pairing tips and tricks that could be handy as you contemplate the next family meal to impress. We may share observations about the science and history of wine. Or we may even share our experiences as we develop our business and navigate a rapidly transforming high street

We hope that our musings will be interesting and sometimes even insightful. At their very best, we hope that they can be a conversation starter. For more than wonderful wine and fabulous food, that is what we all enjoy the most”

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